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Current UltraCorps - Battle Sims/Calcs

Hair10's UC Battle Comp v1.8
Unit stats now updateable via a csv file.

Joel Halpern's UC Battle Simulator v0.6
A current .jar UC battle simulator.


I am happy to host for easy download any battle calcs, simulators spreadsheets, etc.
If you've created one and need a convenient place to host it for easy downloading, let me know.
(Subject to of course that it fully complies with SJG's policies regarding such things.)

My SJG game & forum handle: Teroth

My email: teroth@gmail.com

UltraCorps Nostalgia

(This is old stuff from Zone and post Zone days.)

Hair10's UC Battle Comp v1.7 ~ 55KB
Warning, strictly a nostalgia piece now.
Don't try using it for today's battles.

UC_Rankings.zip ~ 60KB
These are the archived final standings from many
of the old Ultracorps games. Zone & post zone.
Saved by and provided courtesy of UC_Rommel

For more nostalgia... here are unit price histories from a handful of games.
I'd post more, but these are all I have.

Acerola Carambola Cherimoya Cudrang
Fast and Furious Feijoa Freedom Jaboticaba
Liberty Rebirth Sapodilla  

UC_oldprices.zip (all of the above) ~ 80KB


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